Security is our top priority.

We’ve built a rock-solid system to keep you safe.

Real-Time Monitoring

We stop fraud by monitoring and analyzing transactions as they happen. This enables us to detect and investigate suspicious activity before a fraudulent charge occurs.

Secure at Every Step

AirPay can detect suspicious behavior because we monitor the entire transaction process. Our security team knows when a user enters a debit card into the AirPay mobile application. We track purchases as they go through our software. We monitor your money until it’s deposited into your bank account. We detect and freeze malicious or suspicious activity. We’re looking out for you at every step.

AirPay Has You Covered

AirPay is the merchant of record for every transaction, which makes us dedicated to keeping your business safe. We deal with the banks on your behalf and take care of compliance, regulation and processing so you can focus on running your business. We’ll go to bat for you if someone disputes a transaction and we’ll make sure your money moves quickly and securely into your bank account. AirPay does the heavy lifting so you can focus on your customers.

Security Across All Levels

AirPay’s three-pronged approach to security helps protect you. We adhere strictly to industry standards to manage our network, secure our Web and client applications, and set policies across our entire organization, ensuring the highest level of security.

If you believe you have discovered a problem, please contact us at